Heikintalo in English

The core of Heikintalo is the functional day. Group activity is open to everyone.

Participants in Heikintalo may, based on their own abilities, strengths and interests, set themselves self-sufficient rehabilitation, employment, study and other goals in the Heikintalo community. Everyone over the age of 18 are welcome. 

Our main values are:

  • Voluntariness, equality and free membership
  • Focus on the strengths, tendencies and abilities of the participants

The functional day

Heikintalo's functional day includes, in addition to work assignments, group activities, including study groups, hygiene pass and first aid training group, cooking and baking group, music and sports group, wellness and cultural program 


Since the beginning of the history people eat and like to eat. Making lunch together connects people at Heikintalo. 
Everyday we have a tasty and healthy lunch which you can enjoy with other visitors. 

Meal is meant for active visitors.